STRUGGLES OF A CHAMPION: MY STORY Parts 1-5 Feat. Dr. Billy Alsbrooks (Powerful Documentary)

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Powerful Documentary By:
Billy Alsbrooks
Visuals Assembled By: Zach Miller (Team Positive Worldwide)

Many of you have asked me how I became a motivational speaker, so i decided to open up some personally, to be vulnerable, and tell my story. This is parts 1-5 of my documentary highlighting some of the struggles that molded and shaped my life. It was very challenging for me to go back and revisit some of my most difficult days. However, it was this darkness that prepared me for my calling today. I know some of you out there are facing your own struggles, so I hope that this encourages you to keep on fighting and to never give up.



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World Influencer Billy Alsbrooks is a former Billboard recording artist, songwriter, and hit music producer who became a born again Christian in 2008. Β 

After graduating from FCU, with a major in Bible Ministry, Billy is now a Top Selling Author, Thought Surgeon, Success Engineer, and Passionate Motivational Speaker. His powerful inspirational videos have currently been viewed more than 12 million times on YouTube and his life changing book β€œBlessed And Unstoppable” has been sold in over 25 countries. He also has an extremely loyal social media following of well over 100k people.

Billy is one of the most sought after speakers in the world because when he speaks, he doesn’t just speak to the mind, ears, or the heart of the audience, he speaks directly to their spirit. His charismatic booming voice, profound delivery, and thought provoking words shake the foundation of every venue which he speaks.

Billy’s passion, fire, and intense energy are extremely contagious. His realness and down to earth open transparency allows him to connect deeply with the audience. This enables him to effectively instill hope, usher in mindset shifts, and instigate massive breakthroughs almost immediately in his listeners. He is more than just another speaker, Billy is an anointed motivational artist, authentically painting the world with captivating poetic phrases that plant the truth deep inside the core of everyone who hears him.

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Deuteronomy 28:1-14
Genesis 26:12

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